Massage Services

Each Massage is customized to the clients specific needs and problem areas.

Whether your need is to have a moment of relaxation, reduce muscle tension or attain relief from chronic pain, a therapeutic massage can enhance your overall sense of emotional and physical well-being. Massage therapy can be an important part of your health maintenance plan by reducing muscular tension.

Please note: We highly recommend waiting 3 days post injection (for each one – first and second dose) before getting a massage. We want out clients to be feeling 100% and not ill when getting a massage for their safety and the safety of their massage therapist.

Swedish Massage

60/90 Minute Session
Our Swedish Massage is a peaceful way to ease tense muscles and make stress melt away. Long, flowing strokes and gentle pressure combine to create a tranquil, restorative experience. This massage increases circulation, supplies nutrients and oxygen to the muscle, softens superficial fascia, and decreases overall muscle tension.


Deep Tissue

60/90 Minute Session
Our Deep Tissue Massage uses firm pressure to reach the deepest layers of the
muscle. Great for athletes or anyone looking for a more intense massage
experience, it is designed to relieve severe tension in areas that require deep
muscle work. You will leave this massage feeling relaxed and rehabilitated.


The Perfect Massage

60/90 Minute Session
Our Perfect Massage is an indulgent customized massage that combines the
therapeutic benefits of a Deep Tissue Massage with the soothing effects of a
Swedish Massage. Hot stones are added to melt away muscle tension while
inducing a sense of overall well-being. Choose between our three unique
aromatherapy oils to further stimulate the senses. Complete the session with an
optional nourishing scalp massage, which uses warm oil to hydrate the hair and


The Arnica Hot Stone Massage

60/90 Minute Session
Our Hot Stone Massage is a deeply therapeutic massage using hot Basalt stones to warm the muscle tissue and provide a greater level of relaxation. Arnica is used during the massage to relax the muscles and provide much needed relief for those aches and pains.


Couples Massage

This is a customizable experience and prices vary.

Prices Vary

Prenatal Massage

Our Prenatal Massage is a specialized massage meant for the mother-to-be as her body goes through the changes of pregnancy. Prenatal massage is a great way for expecting mothers to find much needed relief and relaxation.

This massage can not be done in the first trimester.




Aromatherapy has long been used to activate healing, decrease muscle tension, and encourage an overwhelming sense of calm to wash over the body. Uplift your senses by choosing from one of our signature aromatherapy blends.


Topical CBD Relief

CBD has shown promising benefits in reduction of pain and inflammation along with benefits to the skin. By combining CBD and massage, you can reduce pain and inflammation while increasing overall well-being.


Scalp Treatment

Add a touch of tranquility to any massage service by including the Conditioning Scalp Retreat. During this Ayurvedic-inspired scalp massage, a deeply hydrating warm oil is used to massage and nourish the scalp, finished with a hot towel hair and scalp wrap.


Lavender Peppermint Foot Scrub

Lavender Peppermint foot scrub uses Dead Sea and marine salts, sea kelp and algae to smooth and soften rough, dry and overworked feet along with a rejuvenating complex of Lavender, Litsea and peppermint to stimulate and cool the feet for a refreshing finish.


Lymphatic Drainage

A gentle, non-invasive lymphatic massage designed to detoxify the body. The lymphatic system is an important part of the immune and circulatory system. Lymph fluid carries important cells that help fight infections throughout the body. But when this fluid builds up and is unable to naturally dissipate, uncomfortable swelling can occur. Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is a specialized type of massage that is designed to assist lymph flow and aid in tissue drainage. Using the traditional Vodder method, we use rhythmic strokes to encourage the flow of lymphatic fluid towards the cardiovascular system, where it is naturally filtered out of the body.

MLD reduces inflammation, supports internal functioning, and increases overall wellbeing. It can also treat bodily swelling and inflammation caused by autoimmune disorders like arthritis, lupus, or Lyme disease. Manual Lymphatic Drainage Is Used To Aid The Treatment Of:

  • Edemas
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Migraine Headaches
  • Post-surgical Swelling
  • Swollen Ankles
  • Digestive Issues
  • Sinus Issues
  • Fatigue
  • Chronic Stress

Skin Care Services

All Skincare Services are customized to each clients skin type and condition. We will perform a consultation at the beginning of your service to determine what will best meet your specific needs.

Customizable Facial

Each Facial and the products used are customized to meet the needs of each individual client. Includes cleansing, exfoliation, extractions if needed, hand, facial, neck and shoulder massage, and a customized treatment mask.


Express Facial

30 minute lunch time facial including deep cleaning, exfoliation, extractions and a mask leaving your skin with a healthy glow.


Teen Facial

Each Teen Facial and the products used are customized to meet the needs of the individual client. We will teach your teen how to properly take care of their skin and which products to use at home to help avoid acne scarring and to keep their skin healthy for many years to come. Includes cleansing, exfoliation, extractions if needed, hand massage and customized treatment mask.



Each Microderm procedure is customized to meet the needs of each individual client. Includes cleansing, microdermabrasion procedure, and treatment mask.



Known for its three-step process, the HydraFacial works to deep-clean, exfoliate, and hydrate your skin. This professional procedure may help treat a variety of skin conditions, including acne, dryness, and wrinkles.


Perfect Facial

This four in one facial will give you a deep exfoliation with microdermabrasion, nourishment with our hydrofacial machine, increased circulation with radio frequency and customized light therapy for your specific needs.



Livra is a revolutionary serum delivery system that rejuvenates skin, improves the appearance of wrinkles, acne and traumatic scars, reduces acne inflammation, and nourishes hair follicles. Our proprietary Livra MicroDermabrasion / MicroChanneling two-in-one stampers provide pretreatment of the skin prior to our dermatological serum application. They do this by creating tiny channels in the outer layers of your skin which have been clinically shown to increase serum absorption by 300%. Then our unique stem-cell based serums go to work, feeding your skin with powerful growth factors that encourage your skin cells to revitalize themselves. The results are unlike anything you’ve seen before: Livra delivers.


Body Treatment

A body scrub is a popular body treatment that is basically a facial for the body: It exfoliates and hydrates your skin, leaving your body smooth and soft.


60 Minute Couples Facial

Prices Vary

Back Treatment Facial

Includes cleansing, exfoliation, extractions if needed, back, neck and shoulder massage, and a customized treatment mask.


Microderm With Facial

Each Microderm procedure is customized to meet the needs of the individual client. Includes cleansing, microdermabraion, extractions if needed, hand, facial, neck and shoulder massage, and a customized treatment mask


The Ultra Peel

Specially formulated to treat maturing skin, Ultra Peel® I is also appropriate for many other skin types, conditions and sensitivities. It will help improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while promoting an even skin tone and clear complexion.


The Sensi Peel

The Sensi Peel® is formulated as a unique peeling option for all patients, including those with highly sensitive skin. This gentle 6% TCA solution will improve surface texture and brighten the skin while helping to promote an even skin tone. This multi-faceted and skin-brightening treatment is an excellent option for sensitive skin and higher Fitzpatrick skin types.


PCA Peel with Hydroquinone

This enhanced Jessner’s formula is for those who want an even skin tone and have no sensitivity to hydroquinone. This peel helps promote an even skin tone and a clear complexion.



High Frequency

Increases oxygen to the skin, improving texture, tone and glow. Helps promote collagen stimulation and elastin production for a more youthful appearance.


Blueberry Peel

This gentle, antioxidant-rich peel leaves even sensitive skin glowing and renewed.Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while gently encouraging cell turnover. Helps regulate hydration to reduce dehydration and calms and soothes sensitive skin while also nourishing the skin for a healthy glow.


Hydro Jelly

Antioxidant Goji – Regenerating and radiance
Spot Diminishing ALA – Pigmentation reduction with blue light therapy Intensive Aftercare – Calming and blemish reduction


PCA Oxygen Treatment

The Oxygenating Trio is a 3-step system to promote radiance and a healthy glow by stimulating oxygenation and circulation of the skin. This antioxidant therapy helps rejuvenate sluggish, stressed or acne affected skin.



Deep exfoliation that removes dead skin and vellus hair to give the skin a healthy glow and help products to penetrate deeper.



Eliminate joint aches and pains and prevent inflammation while reducing the effects of anxiety and treating skin conditions


Brow Wax




Gua Sha Stone Therapy


Hand Massage


Foot Massage


Tinting Services

Lash Tinting


Brow Tinting


Brow Lamination


Waxing Services

Lip Wax


Chin Wax


Brow Wax


Side Burns Wax


Under Arm Wax


Full Face Wax (does not include brows)


Half Arm Wax


Full Arm Wax


Half Leg Wax


Full Leg Wax


Chest Wax


Stomach Wax


Back Wax


Bikini Wax


Nail Care Services

Polish Change

Natural nail polish change: Removal of regular nail polish, file and shape nails, gentle buff of nail and natural polish application.


Acrylic/Soft Gel Removal



On The Go Manicure

The basic essentials of a manicure, nail trim and shaping, cuticle care, lotion application and polish application.


Practically Perfect Manicure

Trim, Shaping of Nails, Cuticle Care, Exfoliation of Arms and Hands, Arm and Hand Massage, Polish


Children’s Manicure

11 and under


Gentleman’s Manicure

Starting with a trimming of the nails, file, and shaped, followed by an exfoliating scrub then wrapped with a hot towel, then a relaxing hand and arm message.


Gel Tips Full Set


Gel Tips Fill In


Acrylic Overlay


Acrylic Full Set With Tips

starting at $50

Acrylic Fill

starting at $40

Pink and White Full Set

This is a permanent French full set that is finished with a high gloss gel top coat.

starting at $60

Pink and White Fill

This is a permanent French fill that is finished with a high gloss gel top coat.

starting at $50

Non-Acrylic Soft Gel Extensions Full Set

Perfect for a special occasion, these are applied with a rubber base and a full welled gel tip that is durable filed and shaped to your liking and completed with a gel color of your choice. If you love these you’ll get a new set every time.

starting at $65

Non-Acrylic Hard Gel Full Set

A nail enhancement like acrylic nails but is in a pod that you apply and cure with a UV light, this is not a gel polish, soft gel or a soak off gel, a file removal is required for the removal process.

starting at $60

SNS / Dipping Powder Overlay


SNS / Dipping Powder Full Set With Tips

An application of a fine acrylic powder and resin combo that creates a long lasting no chip manicure that lasts with no UV light.

starting at $50


IBX Treatment

This nail treatment will help improve nail growth, strengthen the nail plate and protect against artificial nail treatments, can be applied under polish and any artificial enhancements.


Hydrating Mask


Hot Stone Massage


French Polish


Gel Polish


Gel Polish Removal


Nail Art

Call For Price


On The Go Pedicure

The basic essentials of a pedicure, nail trim and shaping, cuticle care, callus removal with a lotion application and polish application.


Practically Perfect Pedicure

Trim, Shaping of Nails, Cuticle Care, Exfoliation of Legs and Feet, Buffing Calluses, Hydrating Mask, Leg and Foot Massage, Polish


Children’s Pedicure

11 and under


Gentleman’s Pedicure

Service starts with a trimming of the toe nails, file and shaped, followed by a callus treatment, relaxing exfoliating scrub then wrapped with hot towels, finished with a deep foot and calf message.


Hair Care Services

*All hair service prices are starting points. Pricing may change depending on length and thickness of your hair.*

Children’s Haircut and Style


Children’s Wet Cut and Style


Shampoo and Style



Women’s Hair Cut and Blow Dry

$35 – $60

Women’s Wet Cut

$20 – $50

Bang Trim

$7 – $18

Flat Iron Style (Additional)


Shampoo with Blow Dry

$30 – $40


Men’s Cut

$21 – $35

Men’s Color

$35 – $55

Beard Trim



Grey Coverage or Base Color


All Over Color


All Over Color w/ Full Highlight


All Over Color w/ Partial Highlight


Base Color w/ Full Highlight


Base Color w/ Partial Highlight




B3 Additive Additional


Additional lightener


Additional Color



Partial Highlight


Half Head Highlight


Full Highlights




Full Highlight/Lowlight


Partial Highlight/Lowlight




Mini Balayage


Special Events Styling and Up-Do’s

Trial Up Do


Formal Up Do


Half Up-Do’s


Dry Curling/Straightening




Smoothing Treatment

Brazilian Blowout – Chin Length

$230 and up

Brazilian Blowout – Medium Length

$265 and up

Brazilian Blowout – Long Length

$300 and up

Keratin Express Treatment

$60 and up

Condition, Restore, Repair

Conditioning Treatment

$25 and up

Add On Conditioning Treatment


Pro Fiber Treatment

$45 and up

B3 Bond Builder Treatment

$60 and up

Brazilian Blow Out Split End Treatment

$55 and up

Hair Cocktail (no added color)

$25 and up

Hair Cocktail (with added color)

$45 and up

Makeup Application

Formal Makeup


Trial Formal Makeup Application


Natural Makeup Application


Master Your Makeup



Classic Eyelash Extensions


Classic 2 Week Fill In


Classic 3 Week Fill In


Hybrid Eyelash Extensions


Hybrid 2 Week Fill In


Hybrid 3 Week Fill In


Lash Lift & Tint


Eyelash Extensions Removal


Volume Lashes


2 Week Fill


3 Week Fill